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“Woo Daily Deals”

Created: 4 January 2014
By: Fern Technology
Email: support@ferntechnology.com

Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

WooCommerce Daily Deals is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that adds a "Daily Deals" type PAGE OR PAGES to your WordPress/WooCommerce site. You can create as many "Daily Deals" type pages as you like (though in many cases of course, you'll have just the one).

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Installing Woo Daily Deals
  2. Setting up a Promotion
  3. Adding Products to the Promotion
  4. Publishing the Promotion
  5. Adding a "Daily Deals" Page (to the Shop's Front-End)
  6. Summary
  7. Any Questions?
  8. Requirements (PHP, WooCommerce & WordPress version requirements)

A) Installing Woo Daily Deals - top

WooCommerce Daily Deals is installed like any other (ZIP-file supplied) WordPress plugin. In other words (once you've downloaded the WooCommerce Daily Deals ZIP file to your computer):-

  1. Log into your site's WordPress Admin (as an Administrator).
  2. Go to "Plugins" » "Add New" » "Upload".
  3. Select, "Install Now" and "Activate" the plugin.
Once you've done this, you should see a "Woo Deals" option, at or near the bottom left of each WordPress Admin section page. Click that "Woo Deals" option to start using the plugin.

B) Setting up a Promotion - top

Once you've installed the Woo Daily Deals plugin you can set up your first promotion.  To do so select Add Promotion underneath Woo Deals in the left hand menu of your WordPress administrator page.

1) Firstly, give the promotion a name, for example, "Daily Deals".

2) Select the timezone for your promotion.  This will normally be the timezone in which your shop operates (and which the majority of your customers are from).

WordPress websites default to (and almost always remain set at), the "Europe/London" timezone (00:00 GMT).  You can check the Timezone your website is currently set to in the WordPress General Settings.

So if your website operates somewhere else in the world - and you want your daily deals to run from (say) 12:00 one day to 12:00 the next - then you'll have to select the timezone to which this "12:00" applies.  Otherwise, your "days" will switch from one to the next at 12:00 in the timezone set in your WordPress General Settings (which is probably not what you intended).

3) Set the date and time you want the promotion to start.  The time selected is also the time that one day will switch to the next.

For example, if you set the promotion to start at (say) 5 May 2014 at 9:00 am, then every day at 9:00 am from then on, a new "day" (of Daily Deals) will start.

4) Set the date and time you want the promotion to end.

By default, the promotion never ends.  But if you want it to end at some particular date and time, then set that date and time here.

5) You can now specify the number of days you want to plan ahead.

For example, if you set this to 14 days, then you'll be able to add products for up to 14 days from today.  If you set this to 365 days, then you can plan ahead for the whole year.

6) Once you're happy with the settings above, click Create Promotion.  The promotion will be created - and you'll be taken to the screen shown next - where you can start adding products to the "days" in the promotion.

Note however, that you can come back and adjust the settings made above whenever you want to.

C) Adding Products to the Promotion - top

1) Now that your promotion has been created, you can begin to add productsBut first, some background...
  • Products are added, edited and deleted (to/from days) on the "Product Planner" screen (see left).  You'll automatically be taken to this screen once you've successfully created a promotion.  Though you can select it manually at any time, by clicking a (selected) promotion's "Products" tab.
  • The Product Planner screen has three sub-tabs: "Days Past/Archived", "Currently Active Day"/"TODAY" and "Days to Come" (whose purpose should be self-explanatory). By default, the "Currently Active Day"/"TODAY" tab is shown.
  • You can only add, edit and delete products to/from days listed on the "Currently Active Day"/"TODAY" and "Days to Come" tabs.  Products assigned to days on the "Days Past/Archived" tab can be viewed but not changed.
  • To view or add/edit/delete products for a particular day, just click the "Add/Edit/Delete Products" option for the day concerned (though in fact, you can click anywhere on the line for the day concerned).
NOTE:  You might want to familiarise yourself with the Product Planner screen before continuing the tutorial...

2) To continue the tutorial (and learn how to add, edit and delete the products in your Woo Deals promotion for any particular day):-
  • Go to the promotion's Product Planner screen (if you're not already there), and select either of the "Currently Active Day"/"TODAY" or "Days to Come" sub-tabs.  Then:-
  • Click the day whose products you want to add/edit/delete...

3) The Product Planner » Currently Selected Day » Select Products (for day) screen lists the products in your promotion for the day concerned.  If you've just created the promotion, then the page will be empty.

To add a product, click the "Add Product" button (top left).  And follow the on screen prompts...

Note that when "adding a product", you're not really adding anything.  You're just selecting an existing product from your WooCommerce store.  So it's a quick and easy process.

The following screenshots walk you through it...

4) The Add Product screen is where you select the WooCommerce product that you want to add to the day's "Daily Deals".

To do this, just:-
  • Open the front-end of your WooCommerce store (in another window or tab),
  • Select the single product page of the product you want to add, and then;
  • Copy the URL of that single product page, from your browser's address bar, into the box provided on the "Add Product" page.
Then click the Add button to continue...

5) The Product Settings screen lets you review the product you're about to add (to make sure you picked the right one).

It also let's you specify a Deal Price for the product.

If you DON'T specify a "Deal Price", then the product will be priced at the "Regular"/"Sale" price you specified on the product's WooCommerce product editing page (and as shown in the middle of the Product Settings screen).

If you DO specify a "Deal Price", then that "Deal Price" will OVERRIDE the "Regular"/"Sale" prices you specified on the product's WooCommerce product editing page.
  1. On the promotion day you're adding the product to, and;
  2. On every page in your eShop on which the product's price appears (including the "Cart" and "Checkout" pages).
So be careful when setting deal prices.  To allow you to set any deal price you want to, Woo Deals accepts without question any "Deal Price" that you specify.  No matter how strange it may seem.

Once you've entered the "Deal Price" (if any), click the Add Product button (bottom left), to actually add the product.

6) Once a new product is added, you'll be returned to the Product Planner » Currently Selected Day » Select Products (for day) screen (for the day to which you added the product to).  This screen should now list the product you've just added.

You can continue adding products in this fashion, both to the current day, or to any day in the future.

And of course; products, once added, can be edited and deleted too.

Note that "deleting" a product just means that the product is removed from the list of products in the promotion for the "day" that the product is deleted from.  The product isn't deleted from any other promotion day.  Nor is it deleted from the WooCommerce product catalog.

D) Publishing the Promotion - top

  Your promotion won't appear in the front-end until you publish it.  More specifically:-
  • Any Deal Prices you enter won't affect the prices displayed to users, and;
  • The promotion's products won't be displayed on any of the promotion's "Daily Deals" pages (created with the "woo-deals" shortcode - see below).
until the promotion is published.

So it's quite safe to work on the promotion while it's un-published; users won't see it's products or prices.

To publish a promotion, just click the promotion's "Publish" button (on the Promotions tab).  You can un-publish the promotion by clicking the same button (now labelled "Un-Publish"), again.

E) Adding a "Daily Deals" Page (to the Shop's Front-End) - top

  To alert your visitors to the fact that you're running Daily Deals type promotions, you'll probably want to add one or more "Daily Deals" type pages (or posts) to your shop.

These are just normal WordPress pages/posts, that hold whatever text and images (etc) you want, describing your promotions.

If you want to list a promotion's products in any of these pages/posts, just:-
  • Select the promotion's "Get Shortcode" tab, then;
  • Copy/paste (and edit if necessary,) the appropriate "woo-deals" shortcode into wherever you want the product list to appear.
More information on the "woo-deals" shortcode is available on the "Help" tab's "Shortcode" sub-tab.

F) Summary - top

As you can see from the above tutorial, creating "Daily Deals" promotions with Woo Daily Deals is a quick and easy process.

Good luck, and may you be swamped with orders :)

G) Any Questions? - top

  Woo Daily Deals provides lots of online documentation.  So there's plenty of help on most screens (including question mark icons with more information on the individual fields of most forms).

But if there's anything we've missed - either in the online help or in this User Manual - please send us your questions using our Contact Form.

Our goal is to respond to all queries within 24 hours.  Though in most cases, it should be sooner than that.

H) Requirements - top

WooCommerce Daily Deals requires:-

  1. WooCommerce 2.0 or higher
  2. Any version of WordPress supporting WooCommerce 2.0 or higher
  3. PHP 5.3 or higher.
Don't forget to check the last point - that your site is running PHP 5.3 or later.  Woo Daily Deals simply won't run in PHP 5.2 or less.  And while most major hosting providers have been running PHP 5.3 for some years now, there are still some smaller providers who haven't upgraded yet.

Thank you so much for purchasing this plugin.

Fern Technology

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